HoBao Racing 1/8 Hyper GTS Nitro 4WD RTR

Tower Stock# HOAD2045  •  Manufacturer Stock# HB-GTS-C28DG
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Notes from our tech department:
This is the Hobao 1/8 scale Radio Controlled, Glow Powered
Almost Ready to Run Hyper GT Pro Touring Car with Gray Body.


Chassis: Aluminum 0.12" (3mm) thick, gun metal gray in color
Drive: Four wheel shaft, steel dogbones, front CVAs
Differentials: Two oil-filled gear diffs
Transmission: Two speed steel gear
Engine: Hobao Mac Star 28 with slide valve carb, Hobao T4 turbo
platinum glow plug, and large plastic pull-start handle
Exhaust: Aluminum tuned pipe with polished natural finish
Radio: Hobao HT-2.4EF 3-channel 2.4GHz FHSS with dual rate steering
and throttle, charge jack on transmitter for optional NiCd
batteries, HB-5514 metal gear high output digital steering servo
Suspension: 2mm diameter front sway bar, 2.8mm rear sway bar,
captured hinge pins
Shocks: Oil-filled, aluminum body
Shock Towers: 0.16" (4mm) aluminum
Front Bumper: Foam
Wheels: 8-spoke high impact plastic, black in color
Tires: High-traction semi-slick
Steering: K.P.S.S. front steering, over hub kingpin steering
Caster: Adjustable, caster/toe-in refers to the angle of the
suspension when viewed from the side of the car in relation to the
Camber: Adjustable front and rear, camber refers to the angle of the
tops of the tires from vertical when viewed from front or behind
Body: Trimmed and painted on-road drift car with molded black plastic
rear wing
Ball Bearings: Full set, rubber sealed


Almost ready to run Hyper GT Pro Touring Car with painted Body,
Rear Wing, Radio System, Engine, Tuned Pipe, Air Filter, Shocks,
two Decal Sheets and Instructions


AA Batteries: Twelve, 8 for radio, 4 for receiver
Nitro Fuel: Car blend with 15-30% nitro content, 30% required for
engine break-in
Track and maintenance equipment


Length: 21.4" (543mm)
Width: 12.2" (310mm)
Wheelbase: 12.9" (328mm)
Front Track: 12" (306mm)
Rear Track: 12.1" (308mm) distance from outer edges of wheels
measured side-to-side
Weight: 8.15lbs (3697g)
Length: 21.3" (542mm)
Width: 9.8" (250mm) at front wheels, narrowest point
Width: 12.2" (310mm) at rear wheels, widest point
Height: 6.2" (158mm)


Carburetor Needle Settings;
Factory Default After Break-In
Top End (high speed): 2-1/2 turns out 2-2-1/4 turns out
Bottom End (low speed) 1/2 turn out flush w/ball collar
Mid Range: Flush-do not touch Flush-do not touch
Idle Screw 1mm (1/16" ) 1mm (1/16" )

For Replacement Ball Bearings use:
Qty. Size Location Qty. Stock Number
2 8x16x4mm Front Uprights 1 DTXC1585
2 12x18x4mm Front Uprights 1 DTXC1597
4 8x16x4mm Rear Uprights 2 DTXC1585
2 8x16x4mm Rear Gearbox 1 DTXC1585
2 5x10x4mm Clutch 1 DTXC1535
2 8x16x4mm Spur Gear Assembly 1 DTXC1585
2 8x16x4mm Front Diff 1 DTXC1585
2 8x16x4mm Rear Diff 1 DTXC1585
4 6x10x3mm Steering 2 DTXC1561

jxs 12/09/16

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