EMS Dual E-Switch Futaba J

Tower Stock# LXCJD8  •  Manufacturer Stock# EMO1020
EMS Dual E-Switch Futaba J (large view)
Notes from our tech department:
This is a Dual E-Switch for Futaba Radios by EMS


Lightweight Design
Control Two Functions with one Radio Channel
Each Output is rated for 5 continuous amps and up to 30 volts
Each Output can be configured for Momentary of Latching Mode


One E-Switch Unit
One Length of Solder
One Instruction Sheet


Soldering of Wires to Unit


Length: 1.5"
Width: 1.5"
Height: 0.75"
Wire Length: 11"


Negative of battery gets soldered to two center hole on the board.
Positive wires from function (Motor, etc.) get soldered to the
holes closest to the MOSFETs.
Momentary mode means function will be ON while the radio stick is
away from center. When stick returns to center function will turn
Latching means function will turn ON and remain so when stick is
moved from center. Function will turn OFF when stick is
moved again in the same direction.
Unit is basically an ON/OFF switch that is controlled by the radio
stick. It would be similar to having extra switches on the
radio itself.
Unit is NOT proportional.
If either output of the Dual E-Switch is used to control a motor,
install a diode (1N4001) between the motor and the terminals.
jmm 6/1/02

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