GWS Micro Slow Stick EPS150 Red

Tower Stock# LXDCFA  •  Manufacturer Stock# GWMSS150R
GWS Micro Slow Stick EPS150 Red (large view)
Notes from our tech department:
This is the radio controlled, electric powered, foam construction
GWS Micro Slow Stick Airplane Kit in Red with the GWS EPS150C Motor System.
For Beginning Modelers/Fliers.


Construction: Red colored foam wing and tail sections with
fiberglass fuselage tube
Wings: One piece, foam construction
Radio Component Placement: Servos, battery and ESC mount on fuse tube
Landing Gear: Main, 2mm diameter prebent wire, tail, 1mm diameter
prebent wire
Wheels: Two 1.4" (36mm) diameter main, 1" (25mm) tail wheel, plastic
ultra lightweight design
Hardware: Included
Motor: Brushed motor with motor mount, hardware, 8x6E plastic prop
and black 1" (25mm) plastic spinner
Motor Mount: Plastic, part of gearbox attaches to fuselage tube with
Warranty: GWS, guarantees this kit to be free from defects in both
materials and workmanship at the date of purchase


Foam wing and tail sections, 2mm diameter wire main landing gear, 1mm
diameter tail gear, three ultra light wheels, GWS brushed motor
system 8x6 prop, spinner, rubber bands, fiberglass fuselage tube,
hardware and instruction manual


Speed Control: GWS ICS100Li or 5A equivalent for LiPo batteries
Battery: 2S LiPo, at least 500mAh
Charger: Compatible with selected battery
Radio: 3-4 channel with two micro servos (1-elevator, 1-rudder)
Building and field equipment


Wingspan: 26.3" (670mm)
Wing Area: 167.4 sq in (10.80 sq dm)
Weight: 5.6-7.4 oz (160-210 g)
Wing Loading: 4.8 - 6.4 oz/sq.ft (14.8 - 19.4 g/
Length: 27.5" (700mm)
Airfoil: Flat bottom, high wing placement
Center of Gravity: 2.4" (60mm) behind leading edge of wing
Control Throws-
Elevator: Up & Down 15-20
Rudder: Right & Left 20-30

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