SuperTigre G-61 Dual BB Ringed w/Muffler

Tower Stock# LXFV74  •  Manufacturer Stock# 11003436
SuperTigre G-61 Dual BB Ringed w/Muffler (large view)
Notes from our tech department:
This is a G61 Ringed Sport Engine from SuperTigre.

*** 3-YEAR Warranty ***


Single Ring Piston and Cylinder Sleeve
One-Piece Crankcase with Bolt-Through Muffler
Two Crankshaft Ball Bearings
Schnuerle porting
Twin Needle Carburettor


One Assembled G61 Engine with Carburetor
One Silent muffler w/exhaust stack, gasket, bolts, lock washers,
and nuts (Bolt-Through Style Mounting)
One Glow Plug
One Set of Instructions, Decals, and Parts List


Bore: .945"
Stroke: .866"
Weight w/o muffler: 567g (19.96oz)
Weight with muffler: 759g (26.8oz)
Displacement: .61 cu in (9.95 cc)
Power Output: 1.75 BHP at 16,000 RPM
RPM Range: 2,500-16,500
Width between centers of mounting holes: 50mm (1.97")
Length between centers of mounting holes: 20mm (.79")
Width of crankcase excluding mounting flanges: 42mm (1.65")
Length from backplate to front of drive washer: 97mm (3.82")
Height from bottom of crankcase to top of head: 104mm (4.09")
Crankshaft Thread Size: 5/16-24
Suggested Props: Break In: 11x7
Tuned Pipe or Tuned Silencer: 11x7.5, 12x8
Carb Settings: H-2-turns out from closed position.
L- Take carb off, rotate and look at bottom side.
Turn trottle until wide open, set tip of low end
needle half-way across cat eye.


FUEL:18% oil content MINIMUM. A synthetic/castor blend is highly
recommended. 10%-15% Nitromethane will work well. Higher levels of
of Nitromethane may require adjustment of the compression ratio to
prevent detonation.


If customer wants to use a tuned pipe adapter, Pitts
updt* muffler, they must also purchase a muffler bolt/nut set
Replacement exhaust muffler gasket is SUPG4662 UPMAF5/3/99
updt jxs 2/12/04
*updt wm 1/23/06
updt lmm 3/26/09

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