GWS Slow Stick Park Flyer EP ARF w/EPS-400C/BB 46.3"

Tower Stock# LXHCJ2  •  Manufacturer Stock# GWAEO018J
GWS Slow Stick Park Flyer EP ARF w/EPS-400C/BB 46.3
Notes from our tech department:
This is the GWS EP easy build ARF Slow Stick Park Flyer
with the EPS400C power system.
For Beginner to Intermediate Modeler/Fliers.


Wings: One-piece foam construction
Landing gear: Pre-bent one piece wire with two 76.2mm diameter wheels
and one 25.4mm diameter tail wheel and tail skid wire.
Hardware: All necessary hardware included
Motor and gearbox with preinstalled plastic mount
Can be constructed with a removable tail also as a glider
Warranty: GWS guarantees this kit free from defects in both
materials and workmanship at the date of purchase


Fuselage channel, EPS-400C motor system, EP-10x6 prop
main landing gear, tail skid wire, main wheels(76.2mm), tail wheel
(25.4mm), spinner, rubber bands all necessary hardware and
photo-illustrated instructions


Speed Control: 10-12 amp
Battery: 2/3 AA cells 270-400mAh or AA cells 600mAh 7.2V
2mm Bullet Connectors, GPMM3110
Deans Micro 2R Plug, WSDM3007
Charger: Timed or Peak for 2/3 AA cells
Radio: 2-4 Channel
Servos: 2 Naro,Micro,or Mini servos
(1-elevator, 1-rudder)
Misc. Items: Building and field equipment
Required for removable tail units in addition to the above is a
electric drill,hacksaw and 1mm drill bit.


Wingspan: 46.3"(1176mm)
Wing Area: 505.9sq in (32.64 sq dm)
Weight: 11.9-15.5 oz(338-440 grams)
Wing Loading: 3.39oz/sq ft (10.3g/sq dm)
Length: 37.6" (954mm)
Center of Gravity: 3-3/4" (95mm) back from the wing's leading edge
CG for Glider Version: 2"-3" (65-95mm) from the wing's leading
edge dependent on wind conditions
Control Throws:
Elevator: Up & Down 20
Rudder: Right & Left 35


This is the version that includes the EPS400C power system with
the EP-1060 (10x6) prop.

wm 6/29/04

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