Thumler's Tumbler A-R2 Double Rock Tumbler

Tower Stock# LXHS31  •  Manufacturer Stock# 115
Thumler's Tumbler A-R2 Double Rock Tumbler (large view)
Notes from our tech department:
Rock tumbling is a hobby the family can enjoy together. If you are truly
interested in producing flawless gems through the tumbling process, this
A-R2 Double Rock Tumbler is ideal.


One Complete Kit (A-R2 Double Rock Tumbler w/Accessories)


Tumbling is a simple way to polish agates and other gem stones
Fully detailed instruction booklet (learn how to identify which rocks
can be polished, testing the rocks for hardness, the types of
rocks there are,and more)


This tumbler DOES NOT come with the accessory pack anymore.
Some advertising has shown that it will come with some rocks,
polishing grit etc. IT NO LONGER DOES.
Versatile (2) barrel 6-lb. capacity tumbler.
The A-R2 tumbler uses (2) 3lb capacity, long-life, molded rubber
Ideal for small batches of single type stones for jewelry making
or brass polishing
Heavy continuous duty, high fan-cooled motor
Overload protected--if motor overheats, unit automatically shuts off
Electrically operated--not recommended for children under
12 years of age.

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