Great Planes PT-17 Military Stearman ARF .91-1.2,71.5"

Tower Stock# LXJMD9  •  Manufacturer Stock# GPMA1349
Great Planes PT-17 Military Stearman ARF .91-1.2,71.5
Notes from our tech department:
This is the radio controlled, glow powered, Almost-Ready-to-Fly,
Great Planes PT-17 Stearman .91-1.20 Scale Military Biplane.
For Intermediate to Advanced Modeler/Fliers.
Performs loops, rolls, spins stall turns, inverted flight
and other scale aerobatics.


Construction: Balsa and plywood
Wings: All wood
Covering: Factory applied Top Flite MonoKote color scheme consists
of a Gray fuselage, Sky Blue tail section, Yellow wings with bands
of Red on upper wing
Radio Compartment: Accessible over lower wing, plywood reinforced
Cowling: Pre-painted fiberglass with plastic non-functional replica
radial engine
Cockpit: Dual with painted pilot and instructor busts, instrument
panel decals and vacu-formed windscreens with painted frames
Landing Gear: Pre-formed .16" (4mm) thick aluminum with tailwheel
Wheels: Treaded 4" (102mm) main wheels, 1.25" (31mm) tailwheel
Aileron Control: Dual servo
Hardware: Great Planes hardware supplied
Engine Mount: Two-piece, composite construction
Interplane Struts: Painted gray
Pilot Busts: Two pre-painted with goggles, cap and brown flight suit
Building Time: Ready to fly in only 12 - 15 hours.
Warranty: Great Planes Model Manufacturing company guarantees this
kit free from defects in both materials and workmanship at date of


Pre-built and covered wings, fuselage and tail assemblies, pushrods,
pre-bent main landing gear, tailwheel wire, main wheels, tailwheel,
two-piece engine mount, 32oz (960cc) fuel tank (approximate),
plywood servo trays and wing joiners, hardware package, struts,
cabanes and photo illustrated instructions


Engine: .91 - 1.20 cu in (15 - 20 cc) 2-stroke OR
.91 - 1.20 (19.5 - 23cc) 4-stroke
Muffler: Pitts style if using 2-stroke engine, or standard muffler
included with 4-stroke engine
Radio: 4-Channel
Servos: 1 standard for throttle
4 high torque (2-Aileron, 1-Elevator, 1-Rudder)
Servo Extension 12" (305mm): 2 for aileron servos
Y-Harness: 1 for aileron servos
Misc. Items: Glow plug, " foam rubber padding, medium fuel tubing,
fuel filter, propeller, building and field equipment.


Top Wingspan: 71.5" (1815mm)
Bottom Wingspan: 69" (1755mm)
Top Wing Area: 762 sq in (49.1 sq dm)
Bottom Wing Area: 704 sq in (45.4 sq dm)
Total Wing Area: 1466 sq in (94.7 sq dm)
Wing Incidence: 0
Engine Thrust: 3 right, 1 down
Weight: 14 - 15lb (6.35 - 6.8kg)
Wing Loading: 22 - 23.5 oz/sq ft (67 - 72 g/sq dm)
Length: 57" (1450mm)
Airfoil: Full symmetrical
Center of Gravity: 5" (140mm) Back from leading edge of top wing
Control Throws- High Rate Low Rate
Elevator: Up & Down 1" (25mm) 7/8" (22mm)
Rudder: Right to Left 1" (38mm) 1" (25mm)
Ailerons: Up & Down 1" (38mm) 1" (25mm)


Following are the Top Flite MonoKote colors used on this model and
order numbers for 6' rolls;
Cub Yellow TOPQ0220 Sky Blue TOPQ0206
Dove Gray TOPQ0211 True Red TOPQ0227

Replacement parts;
Top Wing Set Landing Gear
Fuselage Kit Tail Surface Set
Interplane Strut Set
Instruction Manual

jxs 4/19/05

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