Great Planes Slot Machine Medium Nylon Hinge Blades (2)

Tower Stock# LXK266  •  Manufacturer Stock# GPMR4016
Great Planes Slot Machine Medium Nylon Hinge Blades (2) (large view)
Notes from our tech department:
These are the Slot Machine Motorized Hinge Slotting Tools
Replacement Nylon Hinge Slotting Blades.


Quickly Cuts Clean, Straight Perfect Hinge Slots Without Gouging
Or Being Hindered By Hard Spots In The Wood
Unique Counter-Sawing Dual-Blade Action Removes Wood To Form A
Perfect Hinge Pocket.
Safer and More Precise Than Cutting Hinge Slots With A Hobby Knife


Two Metal Replacement Blades for Nylon Hinges or Tail Gear Brackets


Phillips Head Screwdriver to Remove and Replace the Screws Holding
Blades Securely in the Slot Machine.


Blade for CA (each): Length of Blade: 3/4"
Thickness: .008" (.2mm)
Blade for Nylon (each): Length of Blade: 3/4"
Thickness: .012" (.3mm)
Blade Cutting Depth: 9/32"


GPMR4015 Blades for CA Hinges
Slot Machine Cuts Slots To Accommodate Most Hinges and Tail Gear
Brackets Such As: Great Planes, Sullivan, Goldberg (Klett), and
Dubro (except for the cotter pin hinges-slot will have to
be deepened 1/16" more).
Slot Machine has a One Year Limited Warranty
Safety Precautions:
Blades Are Sharp: Keep Out Of Reach Of Children, Use Safety Equipment
Secure Parts Being Cut, Use For Hobby Use Only and Always Unplug.

See Tower Catalog page 187.
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