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Top Flite Stinson Reliant SR-9 Kit 1.08-1.99,100.5"
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Top Flite Stinson Reliant SR-9 Kit 1.08-1.99,100.5"
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Tech Notes
This is the Stinson Reliant SR9 Giant Scale Gold Edition Airplane Kit.
This 1/5th Scale boasts Scale Accuracy, along with the Ease
of Assembly made possible by Gold Edition Engineering.
Designed For The Advanced "Craftsman" Builder/Modeler.
IMAA-Legal 100.5" Wingspan.


Utilizes Familiar Wood Kit-Building Techniques, Tools and Material
Precisely Interlocking Parts designed through AUTOCAD, and a Photo
Illustated Manual help guide modelers through the assembly process.
Kit Includes Many Precision-Formed Scale Details: ABS Engine Cowling,
Landing Gear Fairings, Strut Fairings, Wheel Pants, and
Identification Plates.
Traditional Stick Built Fuselage, Built As Top/Bottom Flat On
Building Board.
Wing Bolt Access Is Hidden In The Cockpit With Cabin Doors That Open
I-Beam, Multi-Spar, Wood Wing Construction
Easy To Build, Unique Gull Wing Design With Built-In Flaps
Wing Sections Slide Onto An Reinforcing Aluminum Tube and Attach With
Wing Bolts. This Design Allows The Stinson To Be Easily Transported
An Airfoil That Blends From A Modified "Clark Y" Airfoil At The Root-
To A Selig 3086 At The Tip Keeps Stability Up and Tip Stalls Down.
Dual Elevator and Aileron Servos Provide The Response and Muscle
Optional Full-Cockpit Is Available
Docile Flight With A 1.08, Peppy With A OS Max FT-160 and Breath-
taking With A SuperTigre G-3250. (Only The OS Max FT-160 Fits Fully
Inside The Cowling, Others Will Require Cutting of Cowl.)
In the Air, The Giant Stinson Delivers Scale Flying Performance,
And Its Large Size Makes It Easy To See And Appreciate. Intended
For Scale and General Sport Flying Including Mild Aerobatics Such
As Chandelles and Stall Turns.


ABS Vacuum-Formed Parts (Cowling, Landing Gear Fairings, Strut Fair-
ings, Wheel Pants, Identification Plates), Full-Size w/3-View
Rolled Plans, Photo Illustrated Instruction Book w/Plan Reference,
All Wood Required To Build The Kit and Hardware Package,


Engine- Gas: 1.5-2.1 cu in (25cc-35cc) (2-Stroke)
For Gasoline Engine: 16-24 oz Fuel Tank w/Gasoline Compatible
Stopper, Gasoline Fuel Tubing (Tygon or Bunan),
Easy Filler Fuel Valve For Gasoline and Engine Mount
Glow: 1.08-1.99 cu in (17.5-32.5cc) (2-Stroke)
1.20-1.60 cu in (19.5-26.2cc) (4-Stroke)
For Glow Engine: 16-24oz Fuel Tank, 36" Glow Fuel Tubing,
Easy Filler Fuel Valve For Glow, Remote Glow Starter and
Engine Mount.
Radio: 4-5 Channel
Servos: 6-8 (optional flaps)
3-Standard Torque (42 oz-in)
(1-Throttle, 2-Flaps -- Optional)
5-High Torque (at least 75 oz-in recommended)
(2-Ailerons, 1-Rudder)
(2-Elevator High Torque) or
**NOTE: per designer, one super torq HCAM0191 could be used)
Y-Harness: 2 (1-Ailerons, 1-Flaps)
Servo Extensions For Glow and Gasoline Engine Application:
(12"): 2 (1-Aileron, 1-Flap)
(24"): 2 (2-Ailerons)
Additional Servo Extensions For Gasoline Engine (Rear Servo Mounting)
(24"): 4 (1-Battery, 2-Elevators, 1-Rudder)
Receiver Battery: 6V, 1000mAh
Covering: Three 15-Foot Rolls Coverite 21st Century Fabric(0403,0410)
Fuelproof Paint: Coverite 21st Century
Misc. Items: Two 5" Main Wheels, One 2" Tailwheel, " Thick Foam
Rubber Padding, Propeller Safety Nut, Switch/Charge Mounting Jack,
Heavy Duty Control Horns, Building and Field Equipment,
Top Flite 1/6 Sportsman Full Pilot or DGA 1/5 Full Pilot and Pull-
Pull Cable Kit for Rudder Steering.


Wingspan: 100.5" (2553mm)
Wing Area: 1487 sq in (95.9 sq dm)
Wing Loading: 24.8-38.7oz/sq ft (75.7-118.1g/sq dm)
Fuselage Length: 67.8" (1722mm)
Weight: 16-25lb (7258-11340g)
Scale: 1:5
Airfoil: High-Wing (Gull-Style)
Clark Y at the root to a Selig 8036 at the tips
Center of Gravity: 4" (114mm) aft of the leading edge of the
wing at the root ribs where they contact the fuselage.
Control Throws: High Rate Low Rate
Ailerons: 1" up - 7/8" down 3/4" up - 5/8" down
Elevator: 1" up - 1" down 9/16" up - 9/16" down
Rudder: 2" right and 2" left
Flaps: 1" down
*** Note: Throws are measured at the widest part of the control
Cowl- Rear Diameter: 9.7" (where it mounts to the firewall)
Front Diameter: 8" (where the cylinder are)
Depth Front to Rear: 7.2"


This Kit Can Be Fabric or Film Covered
Optional Parts (interior, pilot, etc.) Are Available Separately.
See the optionals on the Accessory Completion Guide for these items.
Flaps: The SR-9 is designed to incorporate working flaps. However, flaps are
optional and not required for an excellent flying experience. With
-out flaps, the takeoff roll is a bit longer and the landing speed
is a bit faster. If you do not wish to build working flaps, simply
glue them into position. You will need these additional items for
flaps: hinges of your choice, two servos, Y-connector, servo
extension cords (if the Y-connector is not long enough).
OS FT-160: This engine is highly recommended and featured in the instructions.
It has ample power for even a 22lb model with scale appearance
and sound.
Scale Documentation: Three-view drawings and photo packs of full size SR-9s
are available from: Scale Model Research, 3114 Yukon Ave
Costa Mesa CA. 92626 phone:714-979-8058.
JAL 7/7/99
The diameter of the prop on the full size model is 8' 3". That makes the scale
diameter 19.8". The prop we used on the OS FT 160 was an 18" x 6-10". The
engine could have turned a 20" x 6" prop as well, so a scale diameter flying
prop on this model is a real possibility.

Designer's comments regarding engines:
The G38 would be acceptable, though it is at the upper end of the power I would
recommend. The model was not designed for high power, high speed flight. It was
designed to replicate how the full size aircraft flew.

The G38 is a heavier engine, so this will increase the weight of the model. At
25lbs the model flies in a very scale like manner on the OS FT-160 twin. The
power rating of the FT-160 is 2 HP, so it is not that strong. However, it is
much lighter than the G38.

If it were my model, I would use an engine that is lighter and has less power.

If using the SuperTigre G3250 you would need an in-cowl muffler and
would indeed require extensions to get out of the cowl. The G2300
would be a better choice, but it would also require an extension.
Neither could use a standard muffler.
Aerotrend has some silicone
tubing that would work well. The G3250 and G2300 both have more
power than the model needs, so good throttle technique is a must.
The OS FT-160 twin was used on the original model and it also
required extensions, but doesn't require a muffler. A piece of
brass tubing was brazed onto the exhaust pipes of the engine. The
sound and noise level were very acceptable. The OS FT 160 twin is
by far the best engine for this model. It sounds great, has just
the right amount of power, runs beautifully and fits completely in
the cowl.
UPDATE: 11-13-00 KZH

Per the designers the spinner used for the photos and the plans is the TruTurn
one for the AT-6 Texan.

*** Great Planes Manufacturing has CHANGED the part numbers on these DECALS ***
Below are the correct numbers!!!!

Decal sheet STN9D01 sold only through GP Manufacturing includes:
Two 24" x 1-1/8" Black & Gold lightning stripes
Two 16-3/8" x 3/8"-" tapered Black & Gold stripes
Two 12-3/8" x "-1/8" tapered Gold & Black stripes
Four 10" x 1" Black & Gold lightning stripes
Two 2-7/8" x " Black & Gold NC-17154
Two 4" x 2" Gold & Black Stinson Reliant logos
7" x 3" Black & White instrument panel
1/8" Black block letters:
Push Here (2), Cowl Lock (2), Lift Here (4), No Step (4), No Push (4),
Jack Block (2), Battery Inside.

Decal sheet STN9D02 sold only through GP Manufacturing includes:
Two 24" x 5" Black & Gold NC-17154 (Wing)
sdw 7/02

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 LXHY43 Top Flite 18x6 Power Point Propeller
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 LXRXC4 Tower Hobbies TOWER Power 10% Airplane Fuel Quart
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