Tower Hobbies 30-Minute Epoxy 9 oz.

Tower Stock# LXPT46  •  Manufacturer Stock# TOWR3810
Tower Hobbies 30-Minute Epoxy 9 oz. (large view)
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Notes from our tech department:
This is the Tower Hobbies BUILD-IT 30 Minute Epoxy
It sets in 30 minutes and provides incredible bonding strength.


One 4.5oz (128g) bottle of resin (Clear)
One 4.5oz (128g) bottle of hardener (Slightly Yellowish)


Epoxy Mixing Cups GPMR8056, Mixing Brushes GPMR8060 or
Mixing Sticks GPMR8055.


Warning: Keep out of reach of children.
May cause skin and eye irritation. Contains Epoxy resin. Avoid
contact with skin and eyes. In case of skin contact, wash
thoroughly with soap and water.
In case of eye contact. Seek medical attention. Do not take
internally. Use in well ventilated area.
BBS 3/6/00

See Tower Catalog page 188.
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