Novak Ballistic Spec Brushless Motor 17.5T/2200kV

Tower Stock# LXXZL7  •  Manufacturer Stock# 3617
Novak Ballistic Spec Brushless Motor 17.5T/2200kV (large view)
Notes from our tech department:
This is the Ballistic Spec Brushless 17.5 Turn Motor from Novak.


Completely rebuildable allowing upgrades or replacement of various
Easy to adjust timing assembly
Meets ROAR and IFMAR specifications
Oversized front bearing 1/2 x 3/16" (12.7 x 4.8mm) for increased load
handling and bearing life
12.3mm nickel-plated sintered neodymium rotor for maximum
performance in high-temperature conditions
0.125" (3.2mm) pinion shaft accepts all existing pinion gears
Sensor-based for excellent torque and low-speed driveability
Compatible with the Novak GTB, Slyder and Havoc 3S electronic speed
Color-coded hand wound stator identifies number of motor winds
Heavy duty solder tabs
120 day limited warranty through manufacturer


Ballistic Spec Brushless 17.5 Turn Motor with sensor wire and
instruction sheet


Installing in vehicle and connecting to ESC


Watts: 130
Color-Coded Stator: Yellow
Kv: 2,200 RPM/volt (unloaded)
Maximum RPM: 50,000
Sensor Harness Length: 9" (230mm)
Motor Size: 2.07 x 1.41" (52.6 x 35.8mm) (540 size)
Motor Weight: 6.6oz (187g)
Shaft Diameter: 0.125" (3.2mm)


The Ballistic Spec Brushless series is available in the following
10.5T NOVC3610 17.5T NOVC3617
13.5T NOVC3613 21.5T NOVC3621

jxs 8/19/09

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