Macs Long Tuned Pipe Adapter O.S. 40SF/46SF & TTR .46

Tower Stock# LXZ612  •  Manufacturer Stock# 2591
Macs Long Tuned Pipe Adapter O.S. 40SF/46SF & TTR .46 (large view)
Notes from our tech department:
This is a tuned pipe adaptor (also called an exhaust manifold), which
is used to adapt a tuned pipe to an engine. This adaptor is a piece of metal
tubing that turns 90 degrees towards the rear of the engine. At the end of this
adaptor you will install the piece of silicone tubing (called a tuned pipe
coupler, one is INCLUDED with this adaptor), and use tie-wraps (also INCLUDED)
to keep the silicone from slipping. The tuned pipe will fit into the silicone
tubing. The pipe is "tuned" by shortening or lengthening the distance the tuned
pipe fits into the exhaust adaptor until the engine reaches maximum power and
RPM. This adaptor measures 2-3/8" from the centerline of the output pipe to
the outside of the base where it screws onto the engine. If an adaptor is
needed that will be closer to the cowl (shorter radius), use MACG2590.
This can be used with any of the following engines:
O.S. .40 SF, & .46 SF. Royal .46 ASP .46

JBN 9/1/92 *8)

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