Macs Smoke System

Tower Stock# LXZ674  •  Manufacturer Stock# 9521
Macs Smoke System (large view)
Notes from our tech department:
This is a complete smoke system from MACS PRODUCTS.
This kit is designed to be pumpless.


Ready to install and smoke, this is an effective non-pump smoke
system with high-temp all metal check valve.


Ten Tubing Clips
One Shut Off Valve
Two Pressure Pick Up Fittings
Check Valve
Two "T" Connectors
Approx 1 foot of Urethane Tubing (1/4")
Detailed Instructions


One Standard Servo (for shut off valve operation)
Smoke Oil/ Fluid
.20 -.60 size engine


Designed especially for the new MACS mufflers. This will work with
most common mufflers for .20 to .60 size engines. If using a non-MACS muffler,
the pressure fittings need to be measured and drilled. Some MACS mufflers
have this holes marked for the fittings.

NOTE: When the engine is running, valve should be left closed is the smoke is
not in use. However, during STORAGE times, the valve should be left open as the
smoke fluid can cause lines to stick together.
CAUTION: MACS check valve has a metal diaphram, DO NOT use a plastic one for
this application.

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