EMS Servo GoSlow J

Tower Stock# LXPNV2  •  Manufacturer Stock# EMO1030
EMS Servo GoSlow J (large view)
Notes from our tech department:
This is the Servo GoSlow with a J Connector from EMS.


Controls speed of any proportional servo with Futaba J style
connectors, see COMMENTS
Servo speed is independently adjustable in each direction from full
speed to as slow as 15 seconds
Ideal for canopies, flaps, landing gear and more
Two normal servo outputs and one reversed servo output
Works with 4.8V or 6.0V receiver packs
Compatible with AM, FM and PCM (PPM mode) radios
Two year limited warranty


EMS Servo GoSlow with a J Connector


Small screwdriver to adjust speed


Length: 1.5" (38mm)
Width: 1.5" (38mm)
Height: 0.75" (19mm)
Weight: 0.5oz (14g)
Connector Length: 10.6" (270mm)


Will not work with two position non-proportional servos. Many retract
servos are this type and cannot be speed controlled.
Do not use with older Airtronics servos with Sanwa connectors.
Immediate servo damage will result due to connector polarity.

jxs 02/20/07

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