O.S. 65LA ABN w/Muffler

Tower Stock# LXPUE1  •  Manufacturer Stock# 16512
O.S. 65LA ABN w/Muffler (large view)
Notes from our tech department:
This is the .65LA Engine from O.S. Max Designed for Sport Airplane Use.
This is a Non-Ringed Engine and has a Two-Year Warranty.
This Engine has a Natural Finish w/"O.S." & "65LA" on the Sides.


One-Piece Crankcase
Long Crankshaft Rides In One Long Bronze Oilite Bushing (No Bearings)
Schnuerle Porting (AKA Schnuerle Scavenging)
Side Exhaust, Bolt-Through Muffler Mounting
Metal Remote Needle Valve Allows Change From A Vertical to Horizontal
Composite Backplate Mount
Hex Head Air-Bleed Carb Screw For Safer and Easier Adjusting
#60J Carb
Aluminum Piston with Nickel-Plated Brass Cylinder Liner


One Assembled Engine with Carb
One Expansion-Style Muffler (E4010S) with Rotatable Exhaust Outlet
One #A3 Glow Plug
One Set Instructions, Decal Sheet, and Warranty Sheet
Two 3x40mm Screws to Bolt Muffler to Engine


Construction: Aluminum 1-Piece Crankcase, Piston, Cylinder Head.
Displacement: 10.85cc (.66 cu. in.)
Bore: 24mm (.945")
Stroke: 23.5mm (.925")
Practical RPM: 2,000 - 16,000 RPM
Horsepower: 1.7 PS, 1.68 HP/16,000 RPM
Weight: 535g (18.9 oz)
Distance Between Mounting Holes Same Side: 0.98" (25mm)
Distance Between Mounting Holes Opposite Side: 2" (52mm)
Length: 91.2mm (3.59") From Backplate to Front of Drive Washer
25mm (1") Center-to-Center, Front-to-Rear Mounting Holes
Width: 42mm(1.65") Neglecting Engine Mounting Flanges
52mm (2.05") Center-to-Center, Side-to-Side Mounting Holes
Height: 85.4mm (3.36") Mounting Flange To Top Of Head
Overall Height: 107mm (4.21")
Crankshaft Thread Size: 5/16-24
Recommended Props: Break In: 12x6
Trainer & Sport models: 12x7,12x8,13x6,13x7, or 13x8
Practical RPM Range: 2,000 - 16,000 RPM (This engine will not turn
this RPM on the ground) RPM curve is when the engine unloads.
Remote Needle Valve Setting: 2-1/2 Turns Counter-ClockWise From
The Closed Position
Air Bleed Screw: Tip Of Screw Will Cover 1/2 Of The Hole In The
Front Of The Carb


Fuel: 5%-15% Nitromethane and 18% (Minimum) Oil Content
Medium (Standard) Silicone Fuel Tubing
Misc Items: Plug wrench, starter and field equipment

tlw 6/22/07

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