Fox .35 Control Line Ceramic Engine w/Engine

Tower Stock# LXUHU7  •  Manufacturer Stock# 35016
Fox .35 Control Line Ceramic Engine w/Engine (large view)
Notes from our tech department:
This is the Fox .35 cu in (5.7cc) Control Line Ceramic Cylinder Engine.


Ceramic plated aluminum cylinder adds up to 20% more RPM,
substantially reduces wear on piston and sleeve and reduces
cylinder weight by 35%
Suited for control line stunt models up to 44 oz (1247g) in weight
and wing spans from 36" - 52" (914mm - 1321mm) and also profile
models such as the Ringmaster and Flight-Streak type
Single needle control line carburetor


Fox .35 cu in (5.7cc) Control Line Ceramic Cylinder Engine with glow
plug, muffler with pressure tap


Fuel: Control line formula, 29% castor oil, 5% nitromethane and 66%
methanol (manufacturer recommends Fox Superfuel, not carried-engine
will not run properly and usable life may be reduced by using most
commercial R/C fuels on the market)
Glow starter, plug wrench and field equipment


Displacement: .35 cu in (5.7cc)
Bore: .800
Stroke: .700
RPM: 9600 with 10x6 propeller
Weight: 7.9oz (225g) with muffler
Needle Setting: 5-7 turns out with hole in spraybar pointing down
Distance Between Mounting Hole Centers Same Side: 0.63" (16mm)
Distance Between Mounting Holes Centers Opposite Side: 1.5" (37.5mm)
Height Bottom of Mounting Tab/top of Cylinder Head: 2.4" (62mm)
Height from Crankcase Bottom to top of Cylinder Head: 3" (76.5mm)
Width at Mounting Tabs: 1.8" (46mm)
Distance from Backplate to Front Bearing: 2" (51mm)
Distance from Backplate to end of Crankshaft: 3.1" (79mm)
Distance Between Muffler Mounting Holes: 1.4" (35mm)

jxs 7/11/08

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