Tru Turn 3-1/2" P-51 3-Blade Spinner

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Tru Turn 3-1/2
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Notes from our tech department:
This is a Three-Blade Aluminum Spinner w/Aluminum Backplate For
P-51 Mustang Kits.


This Spinner More Rounded Design Than A Standard Spinner To Give A
P-51 Mustang Airplane A More Scale Appearance.
Precision Machined From Barstock Aluminum.
Polished Aluminum Color With A Brushed Look.
Easy To Install, Having A Bolt-On Design, Centers Each Spinner
Perfectly On Its Baseplate.
Spinner Cone Is Recessed To Mate Into the Spinner Backplate. The
Rear Of The Spinner Is Flat, Without An Overhanging Cone.
Includes 10-32 x 2-1/4" Bolt For Holding Spinner Cone to
Adapter Kits For Different Engine Sizes Are Available Separately.


One Aluminum Spinner Cone
One Aluminum Backplate (See SPECS For Sizes)
One 10-32 x 2-1/4"" Mounting Bolt
One Tru Turn Decal Sheet
One Instruction and Safety Tips Header Card


One Spinner Adapter Kit (See COMMENTS)
Hex Wrench 4mm or 5/32" For Bolt (Both Fit Snugly)


Spinner Backplate Diameter: 3-1/2" (89mm)
Spinner Backplate Mounting Ring Thickness: 3/16" (5mm)
Spinner Backplate Hole Diameter: 3/8" (9.5mm)
Length From Back Of Backplate To Front Of Cone: 3-1/2" (89mm)
Height Of Propeller Slot:
Length Of Propeller Slot:
Prop Range:


Warning: Failure To Follow The Instructions Printed On The Card May
Cause The Propeller To Separate From The Model.
The Spinner Cone Must Not Touch The Propeller At Any Point, Only
Authorized Agencies Should Modify The Spinner.
Spinner Adapter Kit To Use Will Be Determined By Engine Crankshaft
Size. Use One Of The Following:
TRUQ3040: (1/4 - 28) (1/4" Bushing) (TT-0140-A)
OS Max 20-60, K&B 19-65, Enya 25-53, HP 21-61,
Fox 19-50, Webra 28-80, Irvine 20-61, Peco 21-45
TRUQ3045: (1/4" - 28) (7mm Bushing) (TT-0147-A)
SuperTigre 25-60, Como 19-61, OPS 40-60
TRUQ3060: (5/16" - 24) (5/16" Bushing) (TT-516-A)
OS Max 60FP, 61 FX & SF, SuperTigre 61-90 and G2300,
Fox 60-120, Como 75-90
TRUQ3063: (5/16" - 24) (8mm Bushing) (TT-0518-A)
OS Max 61-90 (2-Stroke), HP 120 (4-Stroke)
TRUQ3066: (5/16" - 24 Jam Nut) (8mm Bushing) (TT-0522-A)
OS Max 70-120 Surpass (4-Stroke) 140RX (2-Stroke),
Abitar 120 (4-Stroke)
TRUQ4010: (8 x 1.0mm) (8mm Bushing) (TT-0810-A)
Enya R 120 (4-Stroke), OPS Super 60 & 61 5-Port,
HP 120 (4-Stroke)
TRUQ4015: (8 x 1.0mm Jam Nut Kit) (8mm Bushing) (TT-0814-A)
YS 90-120 (4-Stroke)
TRUQ4025: (8 x 1.25mm) (8mm Bushing) (TT-825-A)
All YS (2-Strokes), OPS Maxi 30, Rossi 40-61, Peco 60-80,
Webra 61-120 (All)
TRUQ3065: (3/8" - 24) (No Bushing Required) (TT-375-A)
OS Max 1.08, Maloney 1.00 & 1.25, Enya 2.40,
Technopower (All), Brison (All)
TRUQ3025: (10 x 1.25mm) (No Bushing Required) (TT-0125-A)
Super Tigre 2000 - 3000 (4500 & 6000 12mm Reaming
Required) (Not For The G2300, Use TRUQ3060)
TRUQ3027: (10 x 1.25 x 50mm) (Hex Cap Screw-No Bushing) (TT-0127-A)
Zenoah G-45 & G62
TRUQ3047: (1/4" - 28 Jam Nut) (TT-0149-A)
OS Max 26, 40, 48, 52 Surpass (4-Stroke)
TRUQ3064: (5/16" - 24) (Long Jam Nut) (8mm Bushing) (TT-0520-A)
OS Max 1.20 Flat Twin & Up

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