SuperTigre G-90 Dual BB Ringed w/Muffler

Tower Stock# LXFV79  •  Manufacturer Stock# 11003544
SuperTigre G-90 Dual BB Ringed w/Muffler (large view)
Notes from our tech department:
This is a SuperTigre G90, the updated version of the S90K. The main
differences between the two engines are that the G90 is a one-piece crankcase
(S90K was a two-piece), and the G90's muffler is a bolt-through-the-crankcase
(S90K muffler bolted onto the crankcase).


Ringed piston
Schnuerle scavenged
Dual ball bearing-supported crankshaft
Unique bolt-through muffler uses muffler bolts, lock washers,
and nuts to secure muffler to engine (no more stripped threads
on the crankcase or muffler).
Steel cylinder liner
3-YEAR warranty


One Assembled engine w/glow plug
One Muffler, Muffler Gasket, Exhaust Stack, Pressure Fitting, and
Hardware Bag w/Bolts, Washers, Nuts, and Carb Retainer.
One Carburettor
One Set of Instructions, Parts Diagram, SuperTigre decals


Bore: 1.083" (27.5mm)
Stroke: .976" (24.8mm)
Weight w/o muffler: 589g (20.66oz)
Weight with muffler: 765g (27oz)
Displacement: .90 cu in (14.73cc)
Output: 2.5 bhp at 14,800 rpm
RPM Range: 2,500-16,000
Width between centers of mounting holes: 50mm (1.97")
Length between center of mounting holes: 20mm (.79")
Width of crankcase excluding mounting flanges: 42mm (1.65")
Length from backplate to front of drive washer: 97mm (3.82")
Height from bottom of crankcase to top of head: 108mm (4.24")
Crankshaft size: 5/16-24
Suggested prop size: 12x8, 13x6
Carb Settings: H-2-turns out from closed position.
L- Take carb off, rotate and look at bottom side.
Turn trottle until wide open, set tip of low end
needle half-way across cat eye.


Since this engine uses the exhaust stack from the S-90K, some after-
market mufflers will fit this engine (using the muffler screws from
the G90) and some will not. Check the optionals in the Accessory
Completion Guide for after-market exhaust systems that will work.

4/17/95 eke
updt jxs 2/12/04
updt lmm 3/26/09

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