SuperTigre G-2300 Dual BB Ringed w/Muffler

Tower Stock# LXFV80  •  Manufacturer Stock# 11003723
SuperTigre G-2300 Dual BB Ringed w/Muffler (large view)
Notes from our tech department:
This is the G2300 from SuperTigre.
Note: This engine has G20 stamped on the side of crankcase.

*** 3-YEAR Warranty ***


Side exhaust (Muffler is unique to the G2300 Non-Swing Style)
Steel cylinder and lightweight piston
Stronger yet lightweight 1-piece crankcase
Dual ball bearing-supported crankshaft
Ringed piston
Front-mounted carb


Muffler (non-swing), muffler screws, muffler gasket, assembled
engine, manual, parts diagram, warranty card & glow plug


Propeller: 16x8, 18x8, 18x10
Glow Fuel: Minimum of 18% high quality oil by volume in fuel,
Nitro content should be between 5-15%.
SUPERTIGRE Recommends Fuel with 18% oil MINIMUM.
Large Fuel tubing-(GPMQ-4133)


Bore: 32.5mm (1.280")
Stroke: 28mm (1.102")
Displacement: 1.410 cu. in. (23.11cc)
Weight with muffler: 38oz (1077g)
Weight without muffler: 31oz (897g)
RPM Range: 2,000-12,600 RPM
Horsepower Rating: 3.7 BHP at 12,600 RPM
Width between centers of mounting holes: 60mm (2.36")
Length between centers of mounting holes: 25mm (.98")
Width of crankcase excluding mounting flanges: 49mm (1.93")
Length from backplate to front of drive washer: 117.5mm (4.63")
Height from bottom of crankcase to top of head: 117.5mm (4.63")
Crankshaft size: 5/16-24 (6/14/99 JL)
Suggested prop size: 18x8, 18x10
Carb base: 17mm OD 12mm ID
Exhaust port (inside-top to bottom): 10mm
Exhaust port (inside-front to rear): 25mm
Exhaust port (outside-top to bottom): 14.2mm
Exhaust port (outside-front to rear): 59.9mm
Carb Settings: H-2-turns out from closed position.
L- Take carb off, rotate and look at bottom side.
Turn trottle until wide open, set tip of low end
needle half-way across cat eye.


Engine mount is not included with engine.
This engine does NOT have a chrome plated brass cylinder, but rather
a steel cylinder.
At this time we do not have a pre drilled engine mount to fit.
Please see ACG for acceptable mounts.
WHICH IS GPMQ4584 or TRUQ3060 or DAVQ9524 for 2" spinners
or DAVQ6524 for 3" spinners.
Muffler screws that hold muffler to engine are 4x50mm.
The long threaded rod that goes through the muffler is 3x190mm
Running: The 2300 has been run extensively on many different
prop/fuel/plug/muffler combos. The engine provides the most power
with the least amount of fuss as follows:
Mount engine to permit the tank to absolutely center on the carb
AND have the aft end of the tank at approx. 12" aft from the
spraybar (or less distance). Use the medium glow plug.
And This Is A Must-when selecting any muffler you must restrict
the exhaust if necessary, to permit a very broad easily
adjusted needle. This requires about psi pressure OR about
what you get with the stock muffler and one exhaust outlet.
Set the needle for full throttle, max power. With the model held
straight up-set the idle next with the engine running at
about 2000 RPM to give a clean response. Finally, set the idle
speed. Avoid pumps or regulators.

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updt jxs 2/12/04
updt lmm 3/26/09

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