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Engines Glow Fuel
(Listed Alphabetically)
  Stock Number Manufacturer Number Product Description
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LXJFY8 11373 O.S. 12TZ(P)-T3 ABC Engine w/ 11H Slide Carburetor
LXRUN8 11372 O.S. 12TZ(P)-T3 ABC Engine w/ 11M Rotary Carburetor
LXJFY9 11375 O.S. 12TZ(P)-T5 ABC Engine w/11H(B) Slide Carburetor
LXWMV3 11656 O.S. 12XZ (P) Speed ABC w/12FB Slide Carb
LXXEG3 11670 O.S. 12XZ ABC w/12F Slide Carb
LXAAAV 11680 O.S. 12XZ Spec II Speed Tuned Engine
LXCNFN 11685 O.S. 12XZ Speed Spec III Engine
LXLGH9 19218 O.S. 120AX Ringed 1.20 Airplane Engine w/o Muffler
LXLGJ0 19210 O.S. 120AX Ringed 1.20 Airplane Engine w/Muffler
LXCFCA 19215 O.S. 120AX Special Engine
LXBY54 19221 O.S. 140RX Ringed w/Pump
LXXD72 11620 O.S. 15CV-A ABN w/Muffler
LXBZ30 11523 O.S. 15CV-X ABL w/10E Rotary Carb
LXBDKD 11510 O.S. 15CV-X ABL w/10E Rotary Carburetor
LXPUD9 11532 O.S. 15LA ABN w/Muffler .15 Airplane Engine
LXARVT 35430 O.S. 155FS-a Alpha Series 1.55 4 Cycle Pumped Engine
LXVB97 19268 O.S. 160FX Ringed w/o Muffler
LXUM83 19260 O.S. 160FX Ringed w/Muffler
LXKGR1 11895 O.S. 18CV-RMX ABC Marine w/Pull Start
LXGGP8 11860 O.S. 18CV-RX (S) ABC w/11J Rotary Carb
LXGGP6 11881 O.S. 18CV-RX ABC w/11G Slide Carb
LXGGP7 11880 O.S. 18CV-RX ABC w/11J Rotary Carb
LXHLV6 11940 O.S. 18TZ (P)-T ABC Turbo w/11K Slide Carb
LXHLV9 11943 O.S. 18TZ-TX ABC Turbo w/11L Rotary Carb
LXARVU 11950 O.S. 19XZ-B Speed ABC
LXRTM2 12241 O.S. 21TM ABC w/2.5 & 3.3 Revo Manifold .21 Engine
LXRTM1 12240 O.S. 21TM ABC w/2.5 & 3.3 T-Maxx Manifold .21 Engine
LXNZW0 13642 O.S. 21VG (P) ES ABL w/21F Slide Carburetor
LXMUM3 13640 O.S. 21VG(P) ABL Engine w/ 21F Slide Carburetor
LXXKX8 13644 O.S. 21VG(P) ABL Sport w/21F Carb
LXXKX9 13646 O.S. 21VG(P) ES w/21F Carb
LXMUM4 13641 O.S. 21VG-X (P) Engine w/ 21F Slide Carburetor
LXWDH4 13911 O.S. 21VZ-B V-Spec II World Edition Off-Road
LXGPF0 13895 O.S. 21VZ-B V-Spec-T (P) ABC w/21J Slide Carb
LXKKP0 13950 O.S. 21VZ-M ABC Marine Engine
LXGFR6 13871 O.S. 21VZ-R(P) Turbo II ABC Engine w/ 20K Slide Carb
LXBY98 13940 O.S. 21XM Outboard Marine
LXBBLY 13941 O.S. 21XM VII .21 Air Cooled Outboard Marine Engine
LXCWGL 12200 O.S. 21XR-B (P)
LXAESB 12180 O.S. 21XZ-B ABC w/21J2 Carb
LXDCUD 12175 O.S. 21XZ-B ABC Speed Spec II
LXAESC 12186 O.S. 21XZ-B Speed ABC w/21J2(B) Carb
LXEAVZ 12183 O.S. 21XZ-B V2 ABC VII 1/8 Offroad .21 Buggy Engine
LXCVPY 13952 O.S. 21XZ-M Speed 3.5cc Inboard Marine Engine
LXBBLZ 13951 O.S. 21XZ-M 3.5cc Inboard Marine Engine
LXXYF6 13873 O.S. 21XZ-R ABC On-Road w/21M Carb
LXBCBH 13880 O.S. 21XZ-R Speed On-Road
LXBCBL 13875 O.S. 21XZ-R VII On-Road .21 Engine
LXXEG2 12670 O.S. 25AX ABL w/Muffler
LXBY42 12660 O.S. 25FX ABL w/Muffler .25 Airplane Engine

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