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Inventory Reduction Daily Sale
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Help! We bought too many of these items and now you can save big with Tower's exclusive Inventory Reduction Daily Sale. The sale works like a "Dutch Auction": each consecutive day an item remains in the Inventory Reduction Daily Sale, the price will drop. Items will only appear in this sale while they are in an overstock status and once an item drops out of the listed items, we can no longer accept orders at the Inventory Reduction Daily Sale price. We regret that back-orders cannot be accepted and price adjustments will not be allowed. Hurry! At prices like this, you won't want to miss out on the great deals in this listing! If you wait just one day you risk the chance that the item you are interested in may no longer be available.

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  Special Stock Number  Product Description Parts Saver Eligible Tower Catalog Price Today's Price
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 LR0095  AquaCraft Wire Drive w/Prop Shaft GP-1 10.99  6.54 
 LR0381  Dromida Canopy Green Ominus Quadcopter 1.39  1.18 
 LR0627  Dromida Canopy Red/White Ominus Quadcopter 1.39  1.18 
 LR0642  Dromida Canopy Blue Ominus Quadcopter 1.39  1.18 
 LR0472  Dromida Canopy Yellow Ominus Quadcopter 1.39  1.18 
 LR0198  Dromida Prop Set Green Ominus Quadcopter 4.49  3.82 
 LR0291  Dromida Prop Set Red Ominus Quadcopter 4.49  3.82 
 LR0362  Dromida Prop Set Blue Ominus Quadcopter 4.49  3.82 
 LR0336  Dromida Prop Set Yellow Ominus Quadcopter 4.49  3.82 
 LR2819  Dromida Bearing Set Ominus/Ominus FPV Quadcopter 10.99  8.20 
 LR3327  Dromida Main Gear Shaft Ominus Quadcopter 4.49  1.74 
 LR3331  Dromida Main Frame Green Ominus Quadcopter 2.69  .86 
 LR0250  Dromida Main Frame Red/White Ominus Quadcopter 2.69  1.74 
 LR3332  Dromida Main Frame Blue Ominus Quadcopter 2.69  .86 
 LR0063  Dromida Motor Cover Ominus Quadcopter 6.79  3.13 
 LR0664  Dromida LED Cover Green/Clear Ominus/Ominus FPV Quad 2.29  1.95 
 LR0598  Dromida LED Cover Red/Clear Ominus/Ominus FPV Quad 2.29  1.95 
 LR0814  Dromida LED Cover Blue/Clear Ominus/Ominus FPV Quad 2.29  1.95 
 LR0689  Dromida LED Cover Yellow/Clear Ominus/Ominus FPV Quad 2.29  1.95 
 LR3335  Dromida LED E-Board O-Rings Ominus/Ominus FPV Quad .89  .37 
 LR2766  Dromida Screw Set Ominus/Ominus FPV Quadcopter .89  .61 
 LR3339  Dromida Canopy Blue Ominus FPV 1.39  .46 
 LR3328  Dromida Gear Set Ominus FPV 5.49  2.33 
 LR0023  Dromida Main Frame Red Ominus FPV 3.49  2.17 
 LR2820  Dromida Main Frame Blue Ominus FPV 3.49  2.67 
 LR1123  Dromida Main Gear Shaft Ominus FPV 5.99  4.09 
 LR0313  Dromida Motor Covers Ominus FPV 5.99  4.09 
 LR1646  Dromida Battery Frame Ominus FPV 3.49  2.42 
 LR2859  Dromida Wi-Fi Camera Stick-on Foam Tape Ominus FPV 4.49  3.40 
 LR0040  Dromida Vista FPV Conversion Kit w/DroneView Camera 69.99  39.03 
 LR0103  Dromida Upper Shell Black/Yellow Kodo Quadcopter 5.49  2.50 
 LR3312  Dromida Battery Tray Kodo Quadcopter 5.49  .33 
 LR3326  Dromida Prop Set Black/White Kodo Quadcopter (4) 5.49  .60 
 LR3304  Dromida Prop Guard Set Kodo Quadcopter (4) 4.49  .38 
 LR3310  Dromida Lower Shell Kodo Quadcopter 5.49  .33 
 LR1700  Dromida Motor Holder Kodo Quadcopter (4) 5.49  3.12 
 LR3334  Dromida Motor Cover Kodo Quadcopter (4) 2.69  .47 
 LR3330  Dromida Motor Clockwise Left/Front Right/Rear Kodo Quad 7.99  3.02 
 LR3329  Dromida Motor Counter-CW Right/Front Left/Rear Kodo Qua 7.99  3.02 
 LR3307  Dromida Screw Set Kodo Quadcopter .89  .23 
 LR3308  Dromida 2.4GHz Transmitter Kodo Quadcopter 25.99  8.66 
 LR2828  Dromida Canopy Green Verso Quadcopter 4.49  3.34 
 LR2854  Dromida Canopy Red Verso Quadcopter 4.49  3.34 
 LR2815  Dromida Canopy Blue Verso Quadcopter 4.49  3.34 
 LR2858  Dromida Canopy Yellow Verso Quadcopter 4.49  3.34 
 LR2757  Dromida Propeller Set Green Verso Quadcopter 3.49  2.58 
 LR2794  Dromida Propeller Set Red Verso Quadcopter 3.49  2.58 
 LR2745  Dromida Propeller Set Blue Verso Quadcopter 3.49  2.58 
 LR2751  Dromida Propeller Set Yellow Verso Quadcopter 3.49  2.58 
 LR2830  Dromida Belly Pan Green Verso Quadcopter 1.79  1.31 
 LR2834  Dromida Belly Pan Red Verso Quadcopter 1.79  1.31 
 LR2821  Dromida Belly Pan Blue Verso Quadcopter 1.79  1.31 
 LR2863  Dromida Belly Pan Yellow Verso Quadcopter 1.79  1.31 
 LR2733  Dromida Main Motor Clockwise L/F R/R Verso Quadcopter 7.99  5.92 
 LR2743  Dromida Motor Counter Clockwise R/F L/R Verso Quadcopte 7.99  5.92 
 LR2864  Dromida E-Board Verso Quadcopter 34.99  26.59 
 LR2835  Dromida Propeller Blade Removal Tool 1.79  1.34 
 LR2746  Dromida USB 1S LiPo High Output Charger Ominus Quad 9.99  7.44 
 LR3309  Dromida Complete Camera Kodo Quadcopter 21.99  5.95 
 LR3306  Dromida Micro Card Reader Kodo/Ominus/Ominus FPV Quad 3.49  .79 
 LR9994  Estes Body Set Proto X FPV 6.29  3.05 
 LR9995  Estes Camera Proto-X FPV 74.99  39.14 
 LR9993  Estes 5.8G Antenna Proto-X FPV 9.99  4.89 
 LR9992  Estes Rotor Blade Wrench Proto-X FPV 1.79  .72 
 LR3305  Estes Body/Motor Holder Set White Proto X/Syncro 5.49  1.74 
 LR1243  Estes Rotor Blade Set Proto N (10) 4.49  2.82 
 LR1314  Estes USB Charge Cord Proto N 4.49  2.67 
 LR1707  Estes Motor Set Proto N (2) 7.29  4.80 
 LR2717  FlightPower Highrate 3S Adapter JST-XH 2.99  2.44 
 LR2742  FlightPower Highrate 6S Adapter JST-XH 4.49  3.66 
 LR3333  Flyzone Metal Gear Vectoring Servo Hadron 18.99  8.47 
 LR0142  Futaba S3151 Digital Sport BB Servo 44.99  16.49 
 LR3311  Helimax Canopy 1SQ Quadcopter 9.49  3.61 
 LR1605  Helimax Motor Boom Set Left Fr/Right Rear Counter 1SQ 8.99  4.59 
 LR1650  Helimax Canopy White/Black 1SQ V-Cam 9.49  6.42 
 LR1610  Helimax LED Motor/Boom Right Front 1SQ V-Cam 10.99  7.49 
 LR1737  Helimax LED Motor/Boom Left Front 1SQ V-Cam 10.99  7.49 
 LR1680  Helimax LED Motor/Boom Right Rear 1SQ V-Cam 10.99  7.49 
 LR1742  Helimax Screw Set 1SQ V-Cam 1.39  .93 
 LR1748  Helimax Canopy Set w/4 Rotor Blades Yllw 1SQ/1SQ V-Cam 12.99  8.79 
 LR1630  Helimax Canopy Clear 1SQ/1SQ V-Cam 8.99  5.94 
 LR1686  Helimax Motor/LED Right Rear CW 1Si 8.99  6.04 
 LR1762  Helimax Receiver Mount 1SI 1.79  1.17 
 LR2865  Helimax Landing Pads 1SI (4) 3.99  2.91 
 LR2812  Helimax Spur Gear w/Shaft 230Si Quadcopter   8.99  6.74 
 LR1471  Helimax Landing Gear Legs 230Si Quadcopter 5.49  3.64 
 LR2869  Helimax Brushless ESC Novus 125 CP 29.99  23.03 
 LR0399  Hubsan Body Shell Set X4 Pro   54.99  46.74 
 LR0822  Hubsan Front LED Cover X4 Pro 4.99  4.24 
 LR0604  Hubsan Bottom LED Cover X4 Pro (4) 6.99  5.94 
 LR0109  Hubsan Propeller A X4 Pro (2) 14.99  12.74 
 LR0035  Hubsan Propeller B X4 Pro (2) 14.99  12.74 
 LR0176  Hubsan Brushless Motor Clockwise X4 Pro 22.99  19.54 
 LR0126  Hubsan Brushless Motor Counter Clockwise X4 Pro 22.99  19.54 
 LR0705  Hubsan Landing Gear Set X4 Pro 23.99  20.39 
 LR0839  Hubsan Main PCB Module X4 Pro 159.99  135.99 
 LR0724  Hubsan Flight Controller PCB Module X4 Pro 79.99  67.99 
 LR0758  Hubsan GPS Module X4 Pro 84.99  72.24 
 LR0613  Hubsan 2.4GHz Rx Module X4 Pro 21.99  18.69 
 LR0221  Hubsan ESC A X4 Pro 22.99  19.54 
 LR0267  Hubsan ESC B X4 Pro 22.99  19.54 
 LR0372  Hubsan Compass Module X4 Pro 14.99  12.74 
 LR2848  Hubsan Touchscreen Transmitter Sunshield X4 Pro 34.99  26.14 
 LR0145  Hubsan Propeller Guard Set X4 Pro (4) 23.99  20.39 
 LR0417  Hubsan 5.8GHz Tx Antenna X4 Pro 10.99  9.34 
 LR0078  Hubsan Parachute Recovery System X4 Pro 119.99  69.99 
 LR0616  Hubsan 3 Axis Gimbal X4 Pro   399.99  339.99 
 LR0025  Hubsan LiPo 1S 3.7V 650mAh Camera Battery X4 Pro 12.99  9.28 
 LR0136  PowerMaster Heli Low-Vis 30%N 23%O Syn Gallon (6)   175.99  124.73 
 LR0030  RC Gear Shop LED Light Strip Blue 5 Meters 15.99  5.31 
 LR0179  RC Gear Shop LED Light Strip Green 5 Meters 15.99  13.45 
 LR2797  RC Gear Shop LED Light Strip Water-Resistant Blue 5M 17.99  15.11 
 LR0076  Revell Germany Motor Set Nano Hexagon (6) 13.99  8.60 
 LR0048  Revell Germany Motor Blade Set Nano Hexagon (6) 2.29  1.25 
 LR0088  Revell Germany Body Set Black Nano Hexagon 6.99  4.19 
 LR0064  Revell Germany LiPo 1S 3.7V 160mAh Nano Hexagon 5.49  3.20 
 LR0089  Revell Germany USB Charge Cord Nano Hexagon 3.49  1.92 
 LR0251  Tactic FPV-T1 5.8GHz 25mW Transmitter/Antenna/Cables 44.99  30.05 
 LR2855  Receivers -RM1 7" HD FPV Monitor 5.8GHz Dual Receivers   229.99  175.47 
 LR2721  Tactic FPV 5.8GHz RP-SMA Tx Antenna Short 110mm 3dBi 3.99  3.23 
 LR2747  Tactic FPV 5.8GHz RP-SMA Rx Antenna Long 140mm 3dBi 3.99  3.23 
 LR2730  Tactic FPV Monitor Cable Male 3.5mm Plug to (3) Fem RCA 3.99  3.22 
 LR2773  Tactic FPV Monitor 12V DC Cable Male BEC to Power Plug 11.99  9.81 
 LR2026  TrakPower 4S Balance Lead Banana To Deans TrakPower Ada 10.99  5.03 

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